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The Churrasco Black series is specifically designed for preparing and serving meat for the BBQ lovers.  

While each knife in the range has a specific purpose they can also be used as general kitchen tools for dual purpose on the road or home.  Especially the 6" Boning and 8" Meat knives.  These two are our pick to pinch from the set for camp when travelling light.

The Cleaver ideal for breaking and separating the bones from the meat.

It will help you in that difficult task and has features that provide high-resistance and durability.

In addition, the cleaver has a different style and will add a bit more weight to getting the job done!


  • Rugged and appealing looks
  • Anatomically designed wooden handle that makes it much more comfortable to use
  • Durable and robust construction
  • Purpose made for the BBQ pit master
  • Dark stainless steel
  • Blackened stainless steel rivets
  • Wood handles (no plastic)
  • FSC certified wood
  • High quality
  • Compatible with the 6pc pouch
  • Good for home, camp or full-time traveller
  • Made in Brazil
  • Made by Tramontina - a global leader & BBQ specialist

Heads up - not dishwasher compatible, good o'l gentle wash in warm soapy water to preserve the natural wood handle.


Add a sharpening steel to your kit and use it each time you use a knife. A few quick licks with the steel each use will help keep your cutting edge honed and reduce the need to reset the edge via stone or professional sharpening. 

If you don't have a knife block or magnetic rack or somewhere to store the blades so they are protected, they can be securely housed in a canvas wrap or nylon pouch. Good quality knives can become dull if left in a drawer to bump into other knives or utensils.   

Note: Accessories displayed in the product pictures are not included, for display only. Sold separately.