Ground Dogs G2 Peg (Single)

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Our second generation Stainless Steel G2 peg is now 250mm long, with a 19mm head (the same as your stabiliser legs). A thicker tip which allows for two self drilling notches, we also stopped the thread 20mm below the head to allow the new Hook Collar Locking Nut to freely rotate making it even easier to attach our Safety Springs.

Ground Dogs G2 are ideal for anchoring market gazebos, caravan awnings, tents in fact use anywhere when secure anchoring is required, can be used in the toughest conditions!

Designed to be used in the widest range of ground types from the hardest ground through to sandy grass covered soil,  If our Ground Dogs won’t hold, you’re now in Sand Peg country!

Tip 1. If in Extremely hard ground, Unlike all other pegs, Ground Dogs do not need to be force all the way in for them to work, drill it in when it stops its binding, its doing it’s job simply turn the locking nut & lock down to ground level to anchor your Awning or gazebo!

Tip 2. Sometimes the ground can be like solid rock, don’t worry here is an easy solution.

make sure you carry a 12mm masonry drill bit, simply pre drill the hole! Our Ground Dogs have a tapered shaft so even if you where in solid rock they will still lock in.

Notice something? Our Ground Dogs have been made with security in mind, a left hand thread!