iCheck Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – IC010

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iCheckTPMS 4WD & Dual Axle Caravan Kit
The IC010 kit is designed to suit a 4WD and dual axle caravan. With ten wheel sensors in the kit you can monitor the pressure and temperatures on all wheels including your spare tyres on both 4WD and caravan.

The iCheckTPMS signal range is about 7-8m, which is usually fine without a signal booster. However, for 8m+ vehicles, or if there’s electronic interference on the vehicle, we recommend an iCheck signal booster.

  • Wireless solar-powered display
  • Monitoring Range: 0~99Psi
  • All-weather design with IP67 waterproof external sensors


iCheckTPMS InstaData™

What is InstaData™?  Currently other TPMS systems have wheel sensors that go into sleep mode after a short period of time and no movement, and are only activated by motion, generally at speeds over 25km/h.

Here lies the problem…if your caravan has been sitting for some weeks or months and has a slow leak you won’t know until your halfway down the road. Having hooked up ready for your trip then only to be made aware that you have low pressures in one or more tyres.

This then is a pain having to pull over and put air in your tyres on the side of the road. Keep in mind too that there is visually no difference between a tyre with 40psi and 20psi and there is no way of telling whether you have low pressures in your car and or caravan before you leave, (unless checked manually with a tyre pressure gauge).

The iCheckTPMS wheel sensors send data every five minutes to the monitor whether in motion or not via our exclusive InstaData™ This means as soon as you hop in your car with your caravan on tow you will have the latest PSI data before you even drive out the driveway.

The iCheckTPMS Tyre Pressure Monitor is a solar-power tyre pressure monitoring system suitable for 4WD’s, caravans, horse floats and boat trailers. With a product range to suit your 4WD, single and dual axle caravan the iCheckTPMS is the intelligent choice.

It features a solar powered LCD display with up to 10 waterproof external sensors for easy DIY installation. If towing a caravan the display will rotate between the caravan and car tyres automatically every 10 seconds. When you’re not towing you can simply ‘un-link’ the caravan so you won’t have the monitor beeping while worried about lost sensors. Each sensor weighs less than 9 grams and is IP67 water resistant and dust-proof.

The iCheck tyre pressure monitoring system works up to 8 meters from the display to the most rear wheels thus allowing it to be installed on even the largest of caravans.

As a dash mount system it gets its power from the built in solar panel meaning no ugly cables to worry about and can be installed within minutes. Even in low light or no sun situations the built in lithium battery gives weeks of use before the need for charging via the included USB cable.

A must have for car and caravanning use and especially off-roading enthusiasts. Everyone knows that driving on a flat tyre is the worst thing for it and your own safety. Now you can be alerted to any abnormalities immediately, address the issue sooner and save yourself any serious damage!

iCheckTPMS is able to turn a potential ‘trip-ruining experience’ into a quick fix and give you the peace of mind your tyres are all running at the right pressure at all times, all without needing to get out and check them by hand!

Display Features.

BAR/PSI unit setting
°F/°C unit setting
Large LCD screen with automatic backlight
Rechargeable solar-powered display with high temperature resistant battery
Automatic screen rotation between car and caravan wheels
Auto-sleep function for power-saving
Vibration-activated auto-wake function
Extra micro usb charging port
One full charge lasts for 30+ days

Key Features.

Monitors each individual tyre pressure and temperature in real-time
Alerts for low pressure, high pressures, fast air leakage and high tyre temperature
Visual and audible alerts
Adjustable high/low pressure threshold by axle, selectable range: 0Psi ~99Psi
Caravan disconnect feature
On and Off road tyre pressure modes
Tyre Swap function available
Patented lock nut removal tool
Monitoring distance 7-8m. If there is electronic interference or the length exceeds 8m, we recommend adding an iCheckTPMS signal booster.