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Into clean ups to keep Australia beautiful or just want a bag for your rubbish at camp?

Also a handy bag for the beach, clothes, firewood, wet gear etc; loads of uses! 

Thanks to Jay at Operation Bin Chicken we are stoked to offer the Clean Up Bag.

The brainchild of Jay, we collaborated with him on a few prototypes to get a design that is practical in the field. With the use of surplus canvas from our factory we have had to adjust the sizing slightly so we can make the most of waste material.

This is a great story. A bag designed to help you keep the environment clean and it saves excess material going to landfill at the same time, win/win! 

So if you want to join Jay or Outback Cleanups Australia (OCA) in picking up rubbish on your travels, this was designed to do the job.


  • Made from salvaged canvas (end of rolls) to reduce waste
  • Lucky dip! The colours will be random and vary with stock available
  • Heavy-duty GRABmeGEAR cobra buckles
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with detachable buckle (easy to sling)
  • Heavy-duty strap & fixing, it can take a load!
  • Zip closure to contain inside
  • Big 650 W x 450 H mm (approx.)
  • Manufactured by BDM Leather & Canvas
  • Made in Rockingham, Western Australia 

A massive THANK YOU to the team at BDM Leather & Canvas for looking after us and helping the price to be more accessible for more people. If we used our usual first grade materials this bag would need to retail for $220+. 

There is usually a length of canvas left on a large roll that is not commercially viable to use and goes to waste. BDM realised 3 bags at these dimensions could be made with that length. If we can help create demand for the bag, the canvas becomes useful again and double saves waste... so please help spread the word! :0)  

Proceeds from the sale of these bags will help us support Operation Bin Chicken & Outback Cleanups Australia with their missions. To make it easy to support the movement, there is free shipping on this bag.

Check out our full Bin Bag range for other options to keep the place beautiful.


    After each use, empty and sort all your rubbish for responsible disposal / recycling. Then give it a gentle hose over ad allow to dry in the shade. Please don't use a high-pressure hose, it will strip the coatings on the canvas that make it special. 


    • The bag is not waterproof so excessive moisture may 'wick' through the stitching, will vary from bag to bag.
    • The bag you receive may be different to the product pictures. These bags are made with random colours to salvage waste material. Design changes regularly occur based on feedback & performance.
    • Overseas customers - please check the import duties for your country. You may receive additional shipping / Government charges on arrival which will be your responsibility.  


    Dimensions = 650 W x 450 H mm