iCheck Hub Heat Indicators (Sold in Pairs)

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The iCheckTPMS Hot Hub heat sensing labels are an early warning system that will alert you to above normal wheel end operating temperatures. Our inexpensive labels have been independently laboratory tested and are a maintenance tool and a safety product long overdue in the caravan and trailer industry. They are ideal for caravans, RV’s, boat trailers and horse floats.


Our heat sensing labels visually WARNS of possible wheel-end, bearing and brake failure during pre, mid & post trip inspections due to excessive heat.

If the heat exceeds 120C the label will turn red alerting you to the fact of a potential problem and the need for a detailed wheel end inspection.

The iCheckTPMS Hot Hub thermosensitive area is hermetically sealed against moisture, oil, grease, fuels, solvents, water and steam.

Once heat affected the label will remain red and must be replaced after the wheel fault has been rectified.


-Hi-tech sensor integrated with a weather resistant adhesive label
-Thermosensitive area is hermetically sealed against moisture, oil, grease, fuels, solvents, water and steam
-Easy to install, 28mm in diameter for varying size hubs and wheels
-Highly visible for quick problem detection
-Sensor area activates immediately as surface temperature reaches threshold level
-Sensor accurately identifies overheated hub/hubcap surfaces
-Adhesive attaches label to hub/hubcap and is highly effective in resisting displacement from environmental conditions and maintenance procedures including high pressure cleaning of wheels
-Independently tested for both Temperature Activation and Adhesion Effectiveness
-Inexpensive to purchase and to install
-Indicates the need for a more detailed inspection of the overheating wheel end


-Early alert to overheating wheel end issues
-Indicates possible overheating bearings
-Identifies potential leaking seals
-Indicates possible overheating brake conditions
-Identifies potential faults with foundation brake system
-Preventative maintenance reduces potentially expensive repairs

Label Installation: Make sure surface is clean and dry. Clean all oil or grease from the surface area. Sand area to remove any loose paint or rust.