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Bazza the Banger Hanger

We’ve all been there. Juggling a BBQ chock full to the brim, playing food Tetris.

Moving the sausages here, to fit the corn there, and trying to figure out where on earth you're going to put all that onion. Making sure that Ben gets his steak cooked “just blue mate”, while Sarah wants hers “very well done please”. And all the while, the sausages are burning, and you’ve nowhere for them to keep warm.

Enter your BBQ sidekick – Bazza, the Banger Hanger. Because no one likes a cold sausage.




  • Bazza is made from Food Grade Stainless Steel, and is finished and edge-rounded rounded to make him safe to handle (just watch out for, well... the obvious bit).
  • His skewer is 170mm long, so you can be sure he’s up to the task of holding even the biggest snag.
  • Sadly, we're yet to work out how to ship meat, so the sausage is not included.



  • 1 x Sausage Warmer 

Bazza is 100% Australian Born & Raised. (Australian Designed, Made and Owned)