Kaon - Reversing Camera Relocation Bracket to suit Toyota Prado 150 [Options: Nov 2013 onwards]

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Reversing Camera Relocation Bracket to suit Toyota Prado 150

One of the most useful features of modern cars is definitely a reversing camera, but as fans of a rear-wheel bin bag for storing rubbish on the road, we understand the dilemma of choosing between them. This bracket gives you the best of both worlds, allowing easy relocation of the factory reversing camera – so you can mount your bin bag while also gaining a better view of your tow ball. Who said you couldn’t have your cake and eat it too.


Please ensure you select the correct model bracket – there are 2 options: Pre-facelift 2009–Oct 2013 OR Post-facelift Nov 2013–Current.



  • The bracket allows for an adjustable vertical viewing angle, so you can optimise the camera to suit your setup.
  • Made to last Stainless Steel powder coated in a durable textured matt black finish.
  • Two sets of mounting holes allow for optimisation to suit both standard or larger 34-35" tyres.
  • Fuss-free to install, as you do not need to extend any wiring to relocate the camera to the bracket.
  • You may need wheel spacers to ensure enough room for the wires to clear the spare wheel, find them here.

Please note: this installation requires drilling into the bottom of the number plate mount, but there’s no need to remove the door trim. The factory wheel cover is not compatible with this bracket installed.



  • 1 x Factory Reversing Camera Relocation Bracket for the Toyota Prado 150 – Select your specific model above.


Please note: with camera relocated, the visual lines on the screen will no longer be accurate.

Australian Designed, Made and Owned.