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LiveTrack miniTRACKER GPS Tracker

The LiveTrack miniTRACKER is a 100% portable, discreet and rechargeable GPS tracking device that is designed to keep track of your prized possessions 24 hours a day. The miniTRACKER doesn't require any hardwiring and features an inbuilt antenna and rechargeable battery that holds up to 4 days of battery life and only takes an hour to fully charge. The miniTRACKER is IP67 water-resistant and built to withstand the rigours of extended outdoor use. It is submersible up to 1m and can withstand over 30 minutes underwater. 


In a perfect world, people would respect your investments, and leave them well enough alone. Unfortunately, that’s not the case in the real world: theft, misuse, and negligence are all too common. But with the LiveTrack miniTRACKER GPS Tracker, you can not only accurately track your property’s whereabouts, you’ll also get real-time notifications if the unexpected happens. The miniTRACKER is waterproof and shock proof so it can be used to track pretty much anything. Cars, boats, persons, children, luggage, pets, parcels, whatever you need to keep track of the miniTRACKER has you covered. The miniTRACKER has 3 useful power modes. On the most efficient setting, owners can get up to 4 days battery life. The device can also be recharged in less than 60 minutes.


The miniTRACKER also comes with a USB recharging lead, as well as a protective PVC Sleeve and adaptor, which makes attaching the miniTRACKER to a pet collar or child's backpack a breeze. The miniTRACKER comes with a free Android or Apple smartphone app (iPet) and no ongoing account fees as it uses a free pre paid sim card that only requires a $15 recharge per year.


How Does it Work? 
The LiveTrack miniTRACKER uses GPS satellites to determine the exact location of the tracker and then uses the 3G mobile phone network to transfer that location data directly to your smartphone. Using the free iPet App, your Android or Apple smartphone will allow you to see where the tracker is located. You can also view where the tracker has been on previous days using the Location History feature. You can set up a Geofence or virtual boundary so that you will be alerted if the tracker goes out of that boundary. 

You can even share your trackers location with others so multiple people will know where the tracker is located at anytime. This can only be done by sharing your trackers unique number and password, safeguarding you from anyone else being able to track it. People who you have shared your tracker with can only view where the tracker is at the present time – they cannot set a Geofence or view History or change any other settings … only you as the primary owner can do that! 

How Much Does it Cost to Run? 
After purchasing your LiveTrack there are no ongoing subscription or management fees! So the only ongoing cost is the data usage on your SIM card and, in the case of the pre-fitted ALDI SIM card, that will be only about $15 per year! 

If you prefer to use an alternative SIM card such as Telstra mobile, Vodafone or Optus you can replace the pre-fitted SIM card with the SIM card of your choice. In these cases you may have to set up a new APN specific to the SIM card brand you are using and be aware that these telcos may charge you monthly fees as part of their data plans and this may be more expensive than the ALDI rate.