Runva 13XP Premium 12V Winch with Synthetic Rope | Full IP67 Protection

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Runva 13XP Premium 12V 4x4 Winch

The Runva 13XP Premium Winch is a 6 ton/13,000lb electric 4x4 winch that has been engineered to take a beating in the harshest conditions, and still keep running. It’s efficient, versatile and most importantly, it’s reliable.

You don't need to be a professional 4x4 off-road driver to appreciate the value of owning a quality winch for those times when you'll need it. The Runva 13XP Premium is a tough, reliable, electric 12V winch with a fully comprehensive limited lifetime warranty. It's designed for fast and efficient recovery from bogs, sand and other obstacles. The 13XP Premium 12V Winch is perfect for back up or recovery use in your 4WD vehicle.

The 13XP is a newly designed 4WD winch that now features a ratchet braking system integrated into the gearbox. With the brakes located inside the gearbox (not the drum) the winch rope is no longer exposed to the heat as it is in a more traditional winch design. This can often lead to rope damage and compromise the overall integrity of the rope. 

Braking is now done via an automatic ratchet brake, not a friction brake so there’s no chance of slipping.

What's Included

  • Winch with Synthetic Rope
  • Control Box With Power Cables + Multiple Brackets For Easy Fitting
  • Handheld + Wireless Remotes
  • Large Recovery Hook
  • Pulley Block
  • 2-in-1 Hawse Fairlead (Offset + Standard)
  • Power Isolator Switch + Bracket + Power Cable
  • Mounting Bolts

This winch is supplied with 3 mounting options for the latest style control box:

  • Mount it over the winch motor
  • Mount it over the drum
  • Mount it on a winch bar

Fully IP67 Rated - Dust, Dirt & Waterproof

The entire 13XP winch is IP67 rated, meaning it's almost entirely dust, dirt and water proof. Read more about IP ratings in the FAQ tab.

Easy Installation & Mounting Options

The 13XP Premium winch kit is ideal for most heavy duty 4x4 applications. The 13XP Premium Package includes everything required for a standard vehicle winch installation. This includes 26.5m of 11mm red Dyneema Synthetic Rope, as well as a number of extras such as a Runva snatch block, an extra large recovery hook, 2x remote controls (one wired and one IP67 rated wireless control), a hand saver strap, and even a power isolator switch and bracket.

As the 13XP Premium is supplied with a bracket kit, it allows the control box to be mounted in 3 different positions, making it incredibly convenient to install based on your vehicle and mounting requirements. It also includes instruction manual.

Note: While this winch is ideal for most heavy duty 4X4 applications, we recommend that the dimensions, including the mounting bolt pattern is checked to ensure compatibility with your bullbar and vehicle. The 13XP is a large winch and so the additional length of the unit must be accounted for prior to installation.