Saber Offroad 7075 Saber Alloy Recovery Hitch – Coloured Prismatic & 9K Soft Shackle

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The Ultimate in Aluminium Rear Recovery Hitches with 9K Soft Shackle!

Supports the use of soft shackles and ropes. Engineered to be the strongest point in any recovery, with a world-class AUSTRALIAN finish, the Saber Alloy Recovery Hitch is sure to impress.

Constructed from Aircraft Grade 7075 Aluminium:

When only the best will do, this Alloy Recovery Hitch is manufactured from Aircraft Grade 7075 Aluminium, making it not just incredibly strong, but also lightweight. This soft shackle friendly rear hitch is significantly lighter than any steel tow hitch on the market, coming in at just over 1kg.  This hitch has an official Working Load Limit (WLL) of 5,000kg and tested to over 35,000KG (77,000lbs) with no deformation and without breaking. The 7075 Saber Alloy Recovery Hitch is designed to suit a towbar with a 50mm x 50mm (AS4177) hitch receiver. Please check the rating on the tow system before use.

A world-class AUSTRALIAN finish:

Understanding the weaknesses of any finishes from around the world, we have worked with local coating specialists to find the best solution. The Australian Prismatic Powder Coating on our aluminium rear hitches gives strong UV stability matched with stunning colours that will surely impress.  A variety of colours are available including Red, Blue, Pink, Dark Grey and more.

Soft shackle and rope friendly:

We do not see a reason to design a metal product that then requires metal to be added to the system, so this recovery tow hitch is soft shackle and rope friendly. Whilst some metal shackles might fit, we actively suggest using rope or soft shackles where possible.

Design flexibility:

Designed to fit a standard 50mm/2” Tow Hitch and can be fitted on the vertical and horizontal axis.


9K Double Braided Soft Shackle

This 8mm soft shackle is designed to be safer, stronger, lighter and easier to use alternative to metal shackles.  Rated to 9,000kg, this is a seriously strong soft shackle.  This shackle can be used for all types of vehicle recovery, plus marine, agriculture and more.

Having tested the shackles in a NATA accredited facility in Melbourne, Saber Offroad shackles perform at a superior level compared to many other tested competitor products.

As with the other products in the Saber Offroad soft shackle range, this product is designed to be safer, stronger, lighter and easier to use alternative to metal shackles.

Key Features

  • 9,000KG minimum breaking strength
  • High abrasion and impact resistance
  • Can be used in a wide range of applications
  • Tested to destruction in an Australian NATA accredited facility in accordance with Australian requirements