Simarine Pico Display & 300Amp Battery Shunt

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Simarine Digital Battery Monitor with 300Amp Shunt

Pack includes:

  • Pico Display ( You can choose either standalone black, standalone silver, mount balck or mount silver)
  • Battery Shunt 300A 2 x Volt 2 x Resist 1 x Temp

Pico Display:

SIMARINE’s advanced battery monitor for more demanding users. It can be connected to:

  • up to 6 battery banks,
  • 6 additional battery voltages
  • 14 tank levels (for temperature monitoring)
  • 20 consumer or power generation readings.
  • Compatible with all SIMARINE modules.

Battery Shunt 300A 2 x Volt 2 x Resist 1 x Temp:

Innovative combination of shunt and tank level module. SC303 is an active combo shunt for PICO battery monitor with 2x voltages, 2x tank level or temperature, 1x socket for temperature sensor with JST connector and 1x current sensor up to 300A for up to 75V systems. It can be used for monitoring current draw of heavy consumers (inverters, bow and stern thrusters, anchor winches) and current generators (shore power chargers and solar panels). Additionally, it allows monitoring tanks for fuel, fresh and grey water. (Sensors sold Seperatly) 


Free Simarine Android and iOS Apps:

Simarine offers a free App to connect your PICO display to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. The Apps allow you to monitor all battery and tank data, upload history, edit and restore settings and even upgrade the firmware with new features.