Topargee Bluetooth Water Tank Gauge

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The H2F-BT12 Bluetooth Water Tank Gauge - RV, Caravan & Marine model - uses your phone as the display.  It is compatible with IOS v10 or later & Android v8 or later.

All information is at your fingertips on your phone. This includes quantity & percentage of water remaining (in litres/gallons), programmable tank size, approx. battery state & refresh button are all displayed on the main screen of your app.

No need for an internet connection and as long as you are within approx. 5 meters of your app you can check the number of litres left in your tank.

Apps can be downloaded to multiple devices as all amounts and settings are stored in the Bluetooth module.

Our senders and electronics are compatible with all commonly available RV, Caravan & Marine water pumps and will even work with gravity fed systems.

The Topargee Bluetooth Water Gauge is a MUST for those loving the adventure of bush, free camping and boondocking as you will always know your daily water usage and you can plan your adventure more accurately.Uses your phone as the display - perfect if you want to have your water usage information at your fingertips

 No need for an internet connection 

 The sender is fitted to the water line, plugged into the Topargee  Bluetooth module and download

 Easy installation,  there is no display to install. The sender is fitted in water line, nothing is fitted or drilled to the tank

 The module is powered by two AA batteries and there is an optional 12v plug-in adaptor so you can hard wire it to your 12v system

 Real time display as you use your water 

​​​​​​​Stores the pre-set water capacity in memory

​​​​​​​Measures water flow as opposed to water volume

​​​​​​​Monitor water usage whether in the shower, washing, turning the tap on

​​​​​​​Lets you know how much water is left in your tank litre by litre from a pre-set amount - not full/half full/empty

​​​​​​​Most traditional water gauges will give an inaccurate reading if you park on an angle

One unit for multiple tanks up to 99,999 litre

Cost effective - stop wasting water by filling up unnecessarily